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Why Is Titanium The Best Implant Material?

Dentists and surgeons alike have found titanium to be the best material for making surgical repairs to bone. Titanium is used in bone repair whether we are discussing the mouth or any other part of the skeletal frame, this is in large part because of its strength and biocompatibility. Working with our team at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery we can review the surgical procedure, including the tools and device we use during your consultation. The goal is to restore the root of a missing tooth with a device that is strong, can firmly bond with the bone and will not be a cause of rejection.

The investigation of materials for tooth replacement is thousands of years old. Archeologists have been amazed as they find human remains from ancient times with shell, bamboo, wood, rock, and metal placed firmly in the mouth to serve as replacement teeth. Humans have spent more than a millenia finding resources to restore teeth. The more amazing part of this historical investigation is the discovery that the bone reacted with some of these materials. There is evidence on some remains that the bone grew and healed around the device. This information is what started the further examination and exploration of placing a device into bone to make repairs. The question in the early 20th century was what material should be used?

To be successful, scientists needed a material that was strong, could have considerable pressure applied and hygienically capable of being incorporated in the human body, not a source for infection. A variety of metal materials were examined, but it was in the 1960’s that scientists turned their attention to titanium. Titanium fits all of those qualities.

A Successful Dental Implant

For a dental implant to be successful, we have to have successful osseointegration. This means that the device is inserted into the bone and that the bone then continued to grow around the device, incorporating it and bonding the two pieces together. A dental implant is designed to capture a broad area of bone to increase its chances of success.

A dental implant is a titanium rod that we insert into the bone. It is a metal device that is threaded, creating a large surface area of catch the bone and for the bone to make contact. The process would be similar to a screw being sunk into wood if the wood still could continue to grow around the screw. Once healed, the implant should be bonded to the bone for a firm and permanent hold.

With a solid anchor now ready in the mouth, we can attach some dental prosthetics to it, though more than one anchor may be necessary depending on the work being done. We can attach a single dental crown, a bridge, a partial denture or even permanently retain a full denture. A stabilized anchor that is in direct contact with the jawbone is good for your bone health, your oral health will benefit your function to chew and improve your look. Implants can be used to help faces look fuller, healthier and even younger.

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