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Oral Injuries
Westlake Village, CA

An image of kids playing football. Oral injuries can happen anytime, get more information about jaw and mouth injuries from Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery in Westlake Village, CAYou take care of your mouth. You brush and floss every day and have your mouth regularly cleaned and examined. However, even with your best efforts, accidents can still occur. There are some different types of oral injuries, including injuries to the soft tissues, the bone, and the teeth. Even if the injury seems minor at the time, it is still important that you seek professional treatment immediately. Without the treatment of a highly experienced oral surgeon, even insignificant issues can turn into something more serious. Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery is here to help.

Causes of Oral Injuries

Oral injuries can be caused by some different issues, including:
•  A car accident. Car accidents can cause direct facial trauma and oral injuries. An accident can also cause whiplash, which can then cause temporary jaw dislocation.
•  Falling and hitting your face. You may slip and fall on ice, fall from a ladder, or fall down a flight of stairs.
•  Sports-related injuries, such as being hit in the face with a ball, colliding with another player, or falling.
•  A fight that results in physical violence.

Diagnosis of Oral Injuries

When you are faced with an oral injury, it is imperative that you have an experienced oral surgeon on your treatment team. We use the most up to date dental technologies and techniques to both diagnose and treat a wide variety of oral injuries. To help you achieve the best possible results, restoring the health and aesthetics of your mouth, its functions, and your quality of life, an accurate diagnosis is crucial. In addition to a visual exam, we may also perform angiographs, take digital x-rays or CT scans, and take other digital images as necessary. These images help us to see every hidden detail of your mouth so that we can pinpoint the problem and provide you with the most effective treatments.

Injuries to Soft Tissues

Injuries to soft tissues, both inside and outside of your mouth, require immediate attention. While attention is necessary for restoring the appearance of your face and smile, it is also essential for functional reasons as well. The soft tissues of your face and mouth contain blood vessels, nerves, and salivary glands and ducts. Soft tissue injuries can damage these components, compromising their functions. Prompt treatment improves our chances of being able to restore proper function to these parts of your mouth.

Bone Injuries

Facial bones, including your jawbone, are susceptible to fractures, just like the rest of the bones in your body. However, unlike the other bones in your body, a cast cannot be used to set the fractures. Instead, alternative treatments to stabilize the jaw are needed. In some cases, this involves wiring your jaw shut. While this treatment effectively sets your jaw, it also makes it impossible for you to move and use your jaw while you heal. Once your jawbone has reset, the wires are removed.
Plates and screws provide a more modern alternative to wiring. With plates and screws, you maintain mobility of your jaw while the bone sets. With this treatment, however, the plates and screws are often left in place permanently.

Tooth Injuries

Tooth injuries are extremely common with oral and facial injuries. Teeth may chip, crack, or shatter. They may become partially dislodged or may fall out altogether. Damaged teeth can often be restored with dental crowns. Teeth that are partially knocked out or that have been pushed deeper into the socket can be reset. It is also possible to reseat a tooth that has been completely knocked out, provided that the tooth is found, cleaned under cool water, and stored in a jar of milk until your emergency appointment. If the tooth cannot be set back into the socket, we will discuss your options for tooth replacement, which may also include dental implants.

If you have suffered an oral injury, it is essential that you get treatment right away, even if you think the issue is not that serious. Call Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at (805) 267-9766 today to schedule your consultation.
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