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Mini Dental Implants
Westlake Village, CA

A mini dental implant is a less invasive option, versus standard implants, when considering the permanent replacement of a tooth. When conventional implants are not an option, whether due to health or other concerns, a mini implant can provide similar results quickly and easily. During your consultation at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery, one of our surgeons can evaluate and review your options, which may include the use of a mini dental implant.

A mini dental implant (MDI) can sometimes be referred to as smaller diameter implant (SDI) or narrow diameter implant (NDI). They are often the same length, but much thinner than traditional implants. A standard length titanium implant will range in diameter and length dependant on the work that is to be done, but generally speaking, the standard diameter is between 3-6mm, and the length will be between 6-16mm in length. Mini dental implants are smaller primarily in diameter, with the average diameter being 1.8-2.9mm and the length is up to 15mm.

Patients seek mini implants because they are known for being:
•  Lower in Cost: Mini dental implants are on average between 1/3 and 1/2 the cost of standard implants.
•  Faster Healing Time: Where standard implants can take 3-4 months to heal, mini implants are healed within 30 days.
•  Less Invasive: All implant procedures are considered minimal in being surgically invasive, but mini implant placement is even less, making them ideal for medically fragile patients.
•  Minimal or No Bone Graft Required: A significant difference in mini implants compared to traditional is the reduced need of bone. Most patients will not require a bone graft procedure before placement, making the entire process much faster.
•  Permanent Results: Once your mini implants have healed, you will never have to worry about adhesives again. Your dental device, whether it is bridge, partial or full denture, will simply snap in place, allowing you to chew and speak with the freedom of knowing your device will stay in place.

A majority of patients seeking mini dental implants are looking for a way to stabilize their partial or full denture device. This is often done with the placement of multiple mini implants. Once healed, the patient will be able to snap their denture over the implants and keep the denture in place without the use of adhesive. Patients with upper dentures find this especially appealing because they can keep their device in place and have the roof of their mouth exposed to assist with better ability to taste.

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Our team of oral surgeons can give you the freedom you want with your dental device and secure it in place. No more rocking, shifting or reducing your ability to chew or taste properly. Mini dental implants can make a significant impact on your smile. For more information, contact Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery at our Westlake Village location. Our front office staff is happy to assist in scheduling appointments and to answer questions. Call (805) 267-9766
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