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How Smoking Can Risk Implant Failure

Patients who smoke risk implant failure. Though smoking does not eliminate you as a candidate for tooth restoration with implants, our team will want to discuss tips and strategies to prevent smoking during the healing phase of your implant procedure. Our goal at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery is to provide our patients the tools for success in their oral health. A huge portion of the implant procedure is the steps taken both before surgery, in the planning or preparation, and after surgery, in how the patient heals.

When it comes to your oral health, smoking anything, tobacco, marijuana or vape, is going to have a negative impact. Though people may debate the health benefits of products such as marijuana, there are no benefits to your oral health. Some patients may weigh the health benefits of smoking versus the intake of sugary products for your oral health, but when it comes to healing after the placement of dental implants, sugary products will not impact your ability to heal, smoking will. We want patients to abstain from smoking anything for three weeks before and three months post-surgery.

Negative Impact of Smoking Post Oral Surgery

The healing process after the surgical placement of a dental implant is vital to the success. We need the bone to grow around the implant to stabilize it in place. Smoking anything before or after surgery can have a negative impact on the surgical site and healing. Some of the effects of smoking when healing includes:

•  Constricted Blood Vessels: The side effects of nicotine and tobacco is constricted blood flow to the smaller blood vessels while also raising the patients blood pressure. Additionally, it causes increased platelet adhesiveness, which heightens the risk of these smaller blood vessels completely closing off, meaning the tissue can not heal or is slow to heal.
•  Dry Mouth: Smoke is hot, often causing a burn or dryness to the mouth. Saliva is a natural defense in removing bacteria, patients with decreased saliva are subject to a much higher rate in the development of infection.
•  Dislodging of Blood Clot:An important step in the healing process is the development of a blood clot. The inhalation on a cigarette or other smoking product creates a vacuum in the mouth, increasing the incidence of dislodging the blood clot.

Am I experiencing implant failure?

Overall, dental implants have a very high rate of success. There is more success in this oral restoration than any other oral restoration. That being said, implant failure can be a very stressful and sometimes painful problem that will affect a small percentage of patients. We do everything we can before surgery to plan and predict any problems, but implant failure can still occur. Patients who are experiencing implant failure may suffer from an infection; this may include redness or pain at the implant site, they may also run a fever, don’t ever take infection lightly, contact our office and seek medical treatment. Implant failure may also include the inability to attach, the patient may feel the implant has become dislodged or feel loose. We will want to review any concerns.

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