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How Do You Care for Gums When You Lose All Your Teeth?

Following the loss of your teeth, it is still important to care for your gums with a daily hygiene routine. As you learn to maneuver these changes in your oral health, you will find that there is still considerable work in daily care even without your natural teeth. Whether you are fitted with loose dentures or have dentures retained with implants, our team at Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery can help.

Caring For Your Gums

Your soft gum tissue is still subject to infection following the loss of teeth. Patients will still want to follow a regime of brushing and rinsing twice a day to remove harmful bacteria. If you are wearing dentures, you will want to brush, floss and rinse them twice a day.

Tooth loss does more than change your diet, it changes your face shape and can alter how you feel in social situations. When teeth are lost, there is an immediate reaction of bone loss due to atrophy. This bone loss will mean that there will be shrinkage in your facial shape and dentures may need to be refitted. Additionally, patients will find changes in their chin positioning, the way their upper and lower jaw meet and even in the fullness of their lips.

Besides bone loss due to atrophy, bone is subject to damage from bacteria. Gum tissue can become inflamed with disease, and this disease can then attack the bone. The loss of bone structure will make it harder to fit your dentures and vastly change your facial appearance.

Cleaning your gums and dentures daily is important to remove harmful bacteria. We recommend the following steps:

•  Brush and Rinse: Brush and rinse both your denture and your oral cavity twice a day.
•  Soak Your Denture: If you remove your denture at night, place it in a soaking solution or a glass of water. This will help the denture from drying out and changing its shape.
•  Be Aware of Sore Spots: You can minimize sore spots by ensuring that there is nothing disrupting the denture, having the denture resized when needed and avoiding certain foods.

Implant Retained Dentures

There are many advancements today versus decades past, this includes life expectancy, overall dental care and how we can restore missing teeth. Patients today want healthier teeth, longer, and if they lose teeth, they want more than false teeth, they want restored teeth. We can provide patients with all of those things. Patients can have more than the standard dentures of decades past, they can be fitted with replacement teeth that will look and function like their natural teeth. ]]]]]]
Implant retained dentures with either an overdenture or the All-on-4® Treatment Concept allows the patient to have dentures that stay in place and protects the bone. Dental implants are used to create contact points with the bone tissue, this will help slow or prevent bone atrophy.

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