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Exercise is Off Limits Following an Extraction

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
Exercise is Off Limits Following an ExtractionAfter having a tooth removed, we are often all too familiar with the limitations after having an extraction. Depending on if there were stitches involved, your gum will require plenty of time to heal and you will need to be careful with what you eat.

If it was a simple removal with no complications, there is still going to be a hole in your mouth that will need time to recover. Though many activities could be obviously restricted, such as munching on a handful of crunchy nuts, it may make you wonder what other activities could prevent your mouth from healing well.

What You Should Avoid After An Extraction

With stitches, you will need to avoid hard foods and sticky foods, because your jaw muscles are not likely to be up to the task of chewing. Your gums are also likely to be tender and soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, ice cream, and noodles, may be ideal until your mouth starts to feel better. You should also be mindful of what you drink, as well, especially if you enjoy using a straw.

If you have a blood clot in your socket, it is important that it stays there until it has healed completely. Having the blood clot fall out can be extremely painful, so even avoiding smoking cigarettes to reduce the suction could be helpful.

Even though physically, we may feel well enough to continue with our exercise routine after an extraction, you should still abstain from your workout as well. This is due to the fact that elevating your heart rate, while great for your health, can cause excessive bleeding, which you do not need while recovering from surgery. It is best to hold off on leg day until your mouth gets to feeling better.

If you have concerns about your extraction and wonder when you can continue your daily routine, please call our office for more information. We can have you back in the saddle in no time!
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