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Increased Cavities is Common in People Who Snore

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
Increased Cavities is Common in People Who SnoreHave you ever wondered why some people struggle with cavities more than others? You may think it is because one person has better oral hygiene habits or that they avoid candy and other sugary foods, but that is not always the reason for the difference.

It is possible that another habit is behind the extra cavities. Finding out the link between snoring and cavities can help explain the reason a person has more cavities.

The Problem of Dry Mouth

When you snore, you are typically breathing through your mouth. This is not ideal for your oral health. Breathing through the mouth can decrease the amount of saliva in the mouth. It can cause the production of saliva to drop. This leads to a condition known as dry mouth.

Dry mouth means there is not enough saliva. The saliva plays an important role in preventing cavities because it helps wash away any debris and bacteria in the mouth. When the mouth is dry, the bacteria will flourish and can lead to tooth decay and more cavities. It will take time for this to happen, so it is important to learn what to do to avoid problems.

What to Do
To avoid more cavities due to snoring, you have to stop the snoring. That requires recognizing the problem and then finding the root cause of the snoring. Causes can include sleep apnea, nasal congestion and the use of tobacco and alcohol. Some people that use sleep aids will have issues with snoring. Working to resolve these causes can prevent snoring and help prevent dry mouth. This could help avoid any unnecessary cavities.

For your snoring to result in more cavities will take time. It is not something that happens overnight. The sooner you find out that you do snore, the sooner you can remedy that and the easier it is to reverse the process of dry mouth due to snoring.

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