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How to Manage Swelling Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
How to Manage Swelling Following Oral SurgeryOne of the most common side effects from oral surgery is swelling. Some swelling is normal for a day or two after the surgery, but that does not mean it is not something that you should ignore.

Whether the swelling is minor or if it is a bigger issue, there are some things that you can do to help manage the swelling. There are things that you can do while you are awake during the day and while you sleep at night. It is better to know these things before oral surgery, than to try to figure them out later.

Prepare Before Surgery

Swelling is a common thing to happen after oral surgery. To think it won't happen is not a good idea. Instead, it is best to prepare for the swelling beforehand. Preparation involves a few things. The first is learning ways to manage the swelling. The second is to have the supplies necessary to manage the swelling on hand. The third thing to do is learn when the swelling is an emergency that requires immediate attention.

Ways to Manage Swelling

There are several ways to help manage swelling that occurs. It is possible to use one of them or several of them. The key is finding the thing or combination of things that works for you.

One of the basics for controlling swelling is the use of cold compresses. It is important not to use these compresses directly on the affected area and you need to rest at least 10 minutes between the use of compresses. A second option is a warm water bag. You can apply a hot water bottle to the affected area when swelling happens.

There are anti-inflammatory medications that can help with swelling when the other methods are not enough. While it is a good idea to make sure you do these things to help manage swelling, there is also something to avoid that can help manage the swelling after oral surgery. That is to avoid solid and hard to chew foods for a few days after the surgery. This will give the surgical site the chance to heal.

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