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How to Tell if You Have Abnormal Growths in Your Mouth

Posted on 6/15/2019 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
How to Tell if You Have Abnormal Growths in Your MouthOne of the keys to staying healthy is spotting problems in their earliest stages. When it comes to your oral health, there are many things to watch for. From cavities to loose teeth, paying attention to your mouth. Abnormal growths can also be a problem. To spot them, you have to understand what they are, what they can do and what to look for.

What is an Abnormal Growth?

There are plenty of places around the mouth that growths can occur. The growths are the result of something happening to the tissue in the mouth. They typically grow on the lips, the sides of the tongue, the back portion of the roof of the mouth and the floor of the mouth.

There are several reasons that the growths in the mouth can occur. Some present more of a danger than others. Some of the reasons for the growths include warts, cysts and thrush. Abnormal growths in the mouth could also be a sign of precancerous conditions or of oral cancer. That is why it is so important to know how to tell if you have an abnormal growth.

Signs of a Problem
It is a good idea to check out any growth that occurs in your mouth to make sure it is not a bigger problem. Some of the signs that a growth is abnormal includes a sore that does not heal. White and reddish patches on the inside of the mouth and loose teeth are other signs. If you see the growth or if it causes pain, an earache or have difficulty swallowing, it is best to get it checked.

The key to dealing with abnormal growths in the mouth is getting treatment as early as possible. That means coming in to our office anytime you notice any of the signs of an abnormal growth.

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