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Best Remedies for Bleeding After Oral Surgery

Posted on 4/15/2019 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
Best Remedies for Bleeding After Oral SurgeryAfter oral surgery, there are many things that will happen to your body. Some of the common problems after oral surgery include swelling, pain, discomfort and redness.

Another problem is bleeding at the surgical site. It is a good idea to ask what to do about bleeding and when it is a bigger problem that you need our help managing.

What to Do
The first step is to not panic if you notice bleeding after oral surgery. It is a normal occurrence. The small amount of blood that most people have is mixed with saliva and usually looks worse than it is. With that said, you should not panic, but you should pay attention.

To stop the bleeding, you have to apply pressure to the wound. Because the surgical site is fresh, you need to do this with care. The best method to use is to bite down on a cotton ball and hold it in place. We recommend holding it in place for at least 20 minutes to give the bleeding time to stop.

If that does not stop the bleeding, remove the cotton ball and use a piece of clean, damp gauze for another 20 minutes. If the bleeding continues, moisten a tea bag and hold on the site for 30 minutes. The tannic acid can help control the building. You can also elevate your head to control the bleeding.

Do Not Do
While those are steps you can do to stop bleeding, it is also important not to do things. Do not chew on the cotton ball or gauze. Hold it in place instead. Don't suck on the extraction site no matter how much you feel the need to. Don't rinse your mouth out and avoid exercise for at least 24 hours.

Bleeding after oral surgery usually does not last for more than 24 hours. If you experience excessive bleeding that you cannot stop or if it lasts longer than a day, you need to contact our offices to see if there is a bigger problem. For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to schedule an appointment.
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