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Things to Avoid Immediately After Oral Surgery

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
Things to Avoid Immediately After Oral SurgeryOral surgery is a great way to deal with a variety of problems. While the surgery can correct many issues, it is not always perfect. Many people struggle because of mistakes they make after the surgery.

They do things that they think they should or that they don't realize they shouldn't do and end up causing more damage than they had before the oral surgery. The best way to prevent this is to know what to avoid right after you have oral surgery.

Start with Tobacco

One of the worst things you can do after oral surgery is use tobacco. There are a few reasons that tobacco use is not recommended. The first is the action of inhaling the tobacco. Sucking on a cigarette can stress the site where the surgery was done. If the procedure was an extraction, the inhaling can also cause the blood clot covering the socket where the tooth was to dislodge which leads to a dry socket.

Tobacco also has chemicals and acids that can harm the surgical site. It is best to avoid tobacco use for at least a few days after oral surgery, although quitting altogether is even better for your overall health.

Other Things to Avoid
Some of the other things to avoid include the use of straws. This is because of the pressure that using a straw puts on the teeth and gums. Hard food, sticky food, sugary food and acidic foods can cause harm to the surgical site and are something to avoid as the wound heals.

You also need to be careful with brushing and flossing around the wound site. While you do not necessarily want to avoid doing these things, you need to take extra care, so you don't do any damage.

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