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Symptoms of a Salivary Gland Infection

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Westlake Oral & Plastic Surgery
Symptoms of a Salivary Gland InfectionBelieve it or not, a salivary gland infection is not unheard of. It occurs when either a bacterial or a viral infection gets into your salivary gland or duct.

This can be caused by a reduced saliva flow and is commonly caused by blockage or inflammation of the salivary glands. So what do you look for if you think that you may be suffering from parotitis? Before we look at the symptoms, let's look at a few of the causes.

Why Do Salivary Glands Become Infected?

Typically parotitis is caused by a bacterial infection called staphylococcus aureus. It's the most common cause of salivary gland infection, but other causes can include; mumps, flu virus, herpes, HIV, dehydration, malnutrition and inadequate oral hygiene. Salivary gland infection can also be a side symptom of other chronic conditions such as diabetes, malnutrition, alcoholism or xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome).

The symptoms of a salivary gland infection should be checked out by our office right away so that we can accurately diagnose and treat you. Be aware that the symptoms can also mimic other conditions, and may be misdiagnosed by someone without experience; this is why it's so important to call our office if you suspect an infection.

Symptoms may include

•  Facial pain or mouth pain
•  Pus in the mouth or a constant unpleasant taste in the mouth
•  Discomfort when opening your mouth, or being unable to open your mouth
•  Redness and swelling over the jaw in front of the ears, below the jaw or in the bottom of your mouth. Swelling can also extend to the face or neck
•  Fever or chills

If you suspect that you may have a salivary gland infection and you're experiencing a high fever, difficulty breathing and swallowing, you may require emergency treatment. Please contact our office immediately if you suspect that you may be suffering from a salivary gland infection.
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